Vax Air Reach Review

Vax Air Reach Upright Vacuum review

If you’re looking for a super-light upright hoover that is great on all surfaces and fantastic at picking up pet hair, then you’d be hard pressed to find better than the Vax Air Reach Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Our Vax Air Reach review aims to answer all of your questions on this well designed upright hoover.

With two cleaning modes, an extra long hose and cord and a turbo tool extension, Vax have done a wonderful job on this extremely popular upright hoover. Read on for our in-depth Vax Air Reach U90-MA-Re Upright Vacuum review, or see our best Vax vacuums resource for more Vax options.

Vax Air Reach – key details

Weight4.9 Kg
Capacity1.5 litres
Power / Wattage820 watts
Energy EfficiencyA to G

Vax Air Reach weight

Weighing in at just 4.9 Kg like the Vax Mach Air, this vacuum has been purposely designed to be an incredibly light upright vacuum but with extra reach. Common criticisms of upright hoovers are that they can be bulky and difficult to move around. Well Vax have ensured they’ll be no such complaints with their Air Reach Upright vacuum.

This Vax has all the performance and capacity of a full size upright vacuum, but weighs in at a third less. Vax have reduced the weight of each component meaning this hoover is noticeably lighter than traditional uprights. It’s easy to carry upstairs or around the house. It also requires little effort to push across your carpet, making this an ideal choice of hoover for elderly people, or those who suffer from back problems.

Vax Air Reach close up

Vax multi-cyclonic technology

Despite weighing less and being easier to move around than traditional upright vacuums, this hoover provides powerful suction thanks to its multi-cyclonic technology. You can expect a constant and highly efficient suction thanks to multiple cyclones that separate dirt from the air.

The multiple cyclones are in place to separate out air and dirt before they reach the filters, preventing them from becoming clogged. This ensures performance remains at optimum, with no drop-off in performance.

Vax Air Reach head

Vax Air Reach design

A retractable handle and compact, slim design means the Vax Air Reach takes up less space than traditional uprights, making it ideal for homes where storage is at a premium.

Whatever your size, the Air Reach’s telescopic handle is ideal for anyone to use. With 8 different height options, it’s not a problem if you’re short or tall. The handle can be easily adjusted to suit the user.

Designed and engineered in line with EU energy regulations, another bonus is that this eco designed vacuum is energy efficient. Yet despite using less energy, it still fares well in terms of power when compared to hoover’s which require more energy to clean.

Vax Air Reach

Extra long hose and cord

The Vax Air Reach Upright vacuum has an extremely long 10m power cord, meaning you can clean whole houses or workplaces without needing to constantly unplug the vacuum. This is great when moving from room to room and helps save time. Even cleaning cars parked on your drive or on the roadside becomes much easier as with the extra-long cable, you can take the hoover a fair distance before running out of cord. There is a useful clip on the back of the hoover where the cord can be stored.

The vacuum also comes with an extension tube that extends to 2.5m, which is a real bonus for an upright hoover. Many upright hoovers can have limitations when cleaning cars or stairs, but this hoover has no such problems as these areas can be cleaned with ease, without needing to constantly move the vacuum itself.

3-in-1 tool with Vax Air Reach

The Vax Air Reach comes with a handy 3-in-1 tool, giving you greater options when using your vacuum. There is a crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool. The dusting brush in particular is great for cleaning stairs, curtains and cobwebs. This extra brush adapter can be easily plugged onto the end of the extension tube when you want to use it.

This space saving 3-in-1 tool is handily stored on the vacuum, which is great when storing away and also means it’s always on hand.

Turbo tool for pet hair

Perhaps one of the best features of this hoover is the brilliant turbo tool, which comes as an attachment inside the box. This fantastic extension is great for dealing with pet hair.

Like the Vax Air Max Pet, the Vax Air Reach succeeds where lots of vacuums fail in picking up stubborn hair from stairs, floors, sofas, upholstery, car seats and other surfaces. Ideal for people with pets, but the extension is also really useful for general vacuum use.

Vax antibacterial filter

Another added bonus is that the Vax Air Reach comes with a HEPA antibacterial filter. This filter helps remove pollen and other allergens, which is extremely useful if you suffer from allergies. The anti-bacterial filter also helps to keep pet-related odours at bay.

Bagless dustbin

At 1.5 litres this bagless hoover does not have the largest capacity, so it does need to be emptied fairly regularly. However, it’s nice and easy to empty when it’s reached capacity. You simply hold it over a bin and press the release button. Once complete it easily clips back in.The transparent brushbar cover is easy to clean too; it can be easily removed by releasing two clips.

Two cleaning modes

This hoover is great for cleaning on hard floors as well as carpets, thanks to two cleaning modes. At the touch of a button you can easily switch between vacuuming carpets to cleaning hard floors such as laminate.

Next to the power switch at the top the machine itself is a second button for controlling the cleaning mode. It’s as simple as switching the brushbar on for carpets and turning it off again when wanting to clean harder floors. The brushbar in particular is fantastic on carpets, leaving a lovely clean look once the vacuuming is complete.

Thanks to an LED Performance Indicator that switches between green and red, you are quickly alerted to any blockages so you always know if there are any problems with the hoover.

Vax guarantee

The Vax Air Reach Upright vacuum comes with a market-leading six year guarantee from Vax. The guarantee card comes in the box and does need to be activated.

What comes in the Vax Air Reach box?

Everything mentioned above comes in the box. Here is what you should expect to find inside:

  • Vax Air Reach Upright vacuum cleaner
  • 3-in-1 tool (crevice tool / dusting brush / upholstery tool)
  • Turbo tool
  • Extension tube
  • Vax guarantee
  • Instruction manual

Here’s a video about the Air Reach from the manufacturer Vax:

FAQs about the Vax Air Reach Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from Vax customers:

Is the Vax Air Reach Upright vacuum cordless?

No this vacuum is not cordless. However, with a long cord you rarely need to unplug the hoover when cleaning.

How long is the Vax Air Reach cable length?

The cable length is 10 metres.

Is the Vax Air Reach good with pet hair?

Yes, this hoover is especially good with pet hair thanks to the additional turbo tool. This tool is specifically designed to pick up stubborn hairs and dirt from all sorts of surfaces.

Is the turbo tool included with the Vax Air Reach?

Yes the turbo tool comes included in the box.

Does this Vax Air Reach vacuum use bags?

No the Vax Air Reach is a bagless hoover. No bags are required.

Do Vax provide a guarantee?

Yes Vax provide a fantastic six year guarantee. The Vax guarantee card comes in the box. You need the make, model and serial number to activate the guarantee online at

Does this Vax Air Reach model come with a telescopic extension tube?

Yes it does come with a telescopic extension tube which you can attach to the second extension pipe, giving you long reach up areas like stairs.

What is the difference between the U90-MA-Re and U90-MA-R models?

The main difference is that all Vax machines now have a more recent model with “e” on the end. That’s because these models comply with the recent EU directive aimed at making vacuums more energy efficient.

Does the U-90-MA-Re come with variable suction?

Yes there is a slider on the front of the vacuum which can be adjusted as much as you want.

Does this Vax come fully assembled?

Pretty much. You only have the insert handle / floor tube and then you’re ready to go.

Does the Vax Air Reach work well on wooden floors?

Yes, very well. There is a specific cleaning mode that comes with this hoover which is ideal for cleaning harder floors / surfaces. The hoover has a button to turn on or turn off the roller brushes, and when turned off it works best on non-carpeted floors.

Vax Air Reach – verdict

This is a fantastic upright vacuum that is great at picking up pet hair. It’s super-light frame means it’s easy to pick up or move around your home, and the two cleaning modes means it’s great on all surfaces. The only real criticism would be the size of the dustbin, but it’s so easy to empty it’s not really a problem. Vax have done a great job with the Air Reach, it’s unlikely to leave you disappointed. Want more choice? Check out our best Vax vacuum page for more inspiration.

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