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Vax Air Stretch Upright - stair cleaning

Vax Air Stretch Upright review

Shopping for an upright vacuum cleaner – especially when on a budget – isn’t the easiest task with so many options available in the UK market. One of those options is the Vax Air Stretch Upright vacuum cleaner, a lightweight yet powerful upright vacuum that has an extra-long reach.

With more than 2 million Vax Air products sold in the UK, one thing you know you’ll be getting if you go with the Air Stretch is an extremely popular vacuum. But what makes this corded hoover tick and why should you consider purchasing it?

Read on for our in-depth Vax Air Stretch Upright review to find out.

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Vax Air Stretch Upright: Specifications

ModelAir Stretch Upright
Power / Wattage820w

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Vax Air Stretch Upright: Power and Design

Vax Air Stretch Upright powerThe Vax Air Stretch Upright is an incredibly powerful vacuum. It is an energy efficient machine, using a relatively low amount of energy at only 800 Watts. Most vacuum cleaners will use somewhere between 500 and 3000 Watts. This means that you can keep your house impeccably clean when using the Air Stretch whilst also maintaining a lower carbon footprint.

If you are concerned about the loss of suction that occurs with many vacuums, then the Vax Air Stretch is the vacuum for you. It’s designed as a multi-cyclonic upright vacuum that will not lose suction as the canister reaches its fill limit. As long as the Air Stretch Upright is maintained according to the user manual, it’s guaranteed to not lose suction. You can keep the maximum amount of dirt and dust out of your home environment as possible.

Another useful feature of the Air Stretch Upright is that it is designed for use on both hard floors and carpet. While many vacuums struggle to make the switch between the two, the Stretch Upright can do it with ease and won’t damage hard floors. Because of this, you don’t need to keep multiple machines around your home. You just need one, multi-functional vacuum. 

Vax Air Stretch Upright: Weight and Performance

Vax Air Stretch Upright - stair cleaningLike all of the vacuums Vax has in their lineup, the Air Stretch Upright vacuum cleaner is designed to deliver superior performance in all of its features. Weighing in at less than 5 kg, the Air Stretch Upright can be carried around the house with ease, even when you need to go up or down the stairs.

Don’t let the lightness of this vacuum fool you though. It was designed to deliver peak performance, whether it is being used on hard flooring or carpet. Another feature of the Air Stretch Upright is that it has a huge 17-meter reach. This means that you can clean large sections of your home or office without having to find another plug. And with the extension hose, you can clean from the floor to the ceiling with minimal effort. This also means you can clean an entire flight of stairs without needing to move the machine. The extra-long reach can help if you are needing to clean the sofa, in corners, or just general dusting in harder to reach sections of your home. 

Vax has engineered a 3-in-1 tool that will make cleaning all those areas a breeze. Even getting between car seats is simple with the 3-in-1 tool. This makes the chore of keeping all the cheerios from under the car seats not quite as tedious. With a crevice, upholstery and dusting tool, the 3-in-1 attachment really is a game change. Above the floor cleaning becomes a task of ease thanks to the 3-in-1 tool and the extra-long reach you can access due to the stretch hose and cord.

Vax Air Stretch Upright: Canister and Filters

Vax has included a 1.5-litre dust canister into the design of the Air Stretch Upright vacuum. This gives you the capacity to clean for longer before needing to make the trip to the bin to empty it. The Vax Air Stretch Upright is a bagless vacuum, so you don’t need to worry about replacement bags, which saves you a bit of money too. 

Having a canister with a 1.5-litre is more than sufficient to handle the everyday needs of the typical home or small office. However, if the vacuum is going to be used in high traffic and large areas a vacuum with a bigger capacity might be needed. 

If you have ever had a vacuum that caused your allergies to kick up because the filtration system was lacking, then you know just how life-changing HEPA filters can be. HEPA filters are most common in medical settings where there is a need to remove the maximum amount of particles from the air as possible. Vacuums with HEPA filters, like the Vax Air Stretch Upright, can remove allergens that cause hay fever and asthma flare-ups to occur.   

Vax Air Stretch Upright - above the floor cleaningVax Air Stretch Upright: Pros

  • Extra-long reach, with the combination of the long cord and stretch hose you can clean up to 17 meters away from where you plugged in the vacuum
  • No suction loss. The multi-cyclonic design ensures that the Air Stretch Upright does not lose any suction as the canister reaches its dirt capacity
  • Full-size, 1.5-litre, dirt capacity in a compact frame. Allows for longer use before needing to empty the canister
  • 3 in 1 tool makes cleaning crevices in couches and chairs, upholstery, corners and dusting hard to reach areas a breeze
  • Stretch hose makes clean stairs as well as floor to ceiling easy
  • Lightweight. The Air Stretch Upright vacuum weighs less than 5 kg making it less strenuous to carry up and down stairways.
  • Energy efficiency. The Air Stretch Upright uses a mere 800 watts of power compared to the usual 500 – 3000

Vax Air Stretch Upright: Cons

  • 1.5-litre canister. This goes on both the pros and cons because while the 1.5-liter capacity makes it ideal for homes and small offices, there are other vacuums that offer the ability to hold more which would be required for larger businesses.
  • Not designed to handle pet hair, although some users said that they were happy with the performance for pets that did not shed much. If you want a Vacuum that is meant to handle pet hair, there are better options on the market

Vax Air Stretch UprightVax Air Stretch Upright: Verdict

At less than £100 at the time of writing, the Vax Air Stretch Upright vacuum cleaner is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner but don’t have a huge amount of money to spend.

With a great performance across both carpets and hard floors – in part thanks to the multi-cyclonic technology that provides no loss of suction – this is a vacuum that won’t let you down. At 4.9kg it’s pretty lightweight for an upright vacuum cleaner, and with an extra-long 17m reach you won’t have trouble cleaning large or difficult to reach areas without having to continually move the machine. Add in the 3-in-1 tool and you should have everything you need to clean all the upholstery and crevices around your home. 

With a decent 1.5l capacity, this is a bagless vacuum that you won’t need to empty regularly, more than efficient for a home or small office.

Hopefully you’ve found this Vax Air Stretch Upright review useful. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Air Stretch. It’s got everything you need from a budget upright vacuum cleaner.

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