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Henry Hoover review

Famous for his red colour and smiling face, the Henry Hoover has been a mainstay in UK households and workplaces ever since it first arrived back in 1981. Produced by British manufacturer Numatic, the Henry has become a hugely popular vacuum cleaner, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

But it’s not just its iconic appearance and name that makes this hoover so special. The Henry continues to deliver when it comes to cleaning performance. Our Henry Hoover review below looks at the latest Henry model.


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Henry Hoover – key details

ColourRed / Black
Weight8 Kg
Capacity9 litres
Power620 watts
Energy Efficiency ClassA


New low wattage Henry Hoover

One of the most prominent changes in the newer versions of Henry the Hoover is the large reduction in motor power. IHenry Hoovern September 2014 the EU imposed a limit on vacuum cleaners limiting the wattage to 1600W, and by 2017 that limit is going to go down even further to 900W.

The Henry Hoover wattage at 1200W was already under the new limit but Numatic have made big changes and reduced the new Henry to 620W, nearly halving Henry’s previous wattage.

However, don’t let this put you off. Numerous changes have been made by Numatic to increase Henry’s efficiency, meaning despite the reduced wattage it’s just as powerful – if not more powerful – than previous versions. Henry also now makes a lot less noise with the low wattage motor much quieter than standard vacuums, and as an added bonus the new Henry will also use around half the electricity compared to older versions.


What functions does Henry the Hoover have?

The Henry Hoover itself has a range of functions, giving you lots of options when cleaning.

Henry Hoover Hi-Lo SwitchIf you have a newer version of Henry Hoover, your vacuum does not come with options for either high or low suction, but simply has a red switch which is for turning Henry on or off. Other versions of Henry may also come with an additional green switch, allowing you to select either low suction or high. If you do have this option, in most circumstances it’s advised to use high suction, with low suction useful for when cleaning delicate surfaces. Do not be worried if your Henry does not have the Hi/Low switch, the suction on the latest model is even stronger than on the higher wattage version, thanks to the efficiency changes that Numatic have made.

There is a parking bracket on the side of Henry which can be slotted into place when pausing your hoovering. You can also store one of the cleaning tools (recommended to choose the one you use the most) directly on your Henry allowing for quick access when switching to one of the other cleaning tools.

Henry comes complete with a built-in carry handle which is ideal for when lifting Henry to your car or up the stairs, or even between rooms.

A new advantage is the extra long 10m cable which stores neatly inside the machine, allowing you to clean large areas without constantly switching plug sockets. 10m should allow you to clean the whole downstairs or upstairs of an average-sized home, so this a really nice improvement by Numatic. When you’re finished cleaning with Henry, there is a cable reel on top of the hoover which you need to wind around manually to store the cable in Henry.

Henry continues to use bags but the dust bag in the newer Henry is an extra large 9 litre capacity. To access the dust bag you simply remove the 2 clips either side of Henry’s motor unit, lift the motor unit off, and under the filter you’ll find the large dust bag. The bags are stronger than previous models and less likely to split. They are also very large so take more time to fill.


What comes in the Henry Hoover box?

As well as Henry himself there are a range of accessories that come in the Henry Hoover box.

Henry comes with a very long 2.4m conical hose. This is the one of the big changes Numatic have made to the new Henry to increase its efficiency. The hose is conical, meaning it’s wider at the vacuum end than it is at the handle end. This helps to increase airflow and vastly increase performance, despite the newer Henry having significantly less wattage than its previous versions.

There are also a range of small cleaning tools, including:

  • A slim crevice tool for nooks and crannies
  • A soft dusting brush for shelving / delicate items
  • An all-purpose nozzle that has a slide-on brush

Henry Hoover attachmentsThe nozzle is especially good for stairs and car seats. You also have the option of sliding the brush off if you want to do your upholstery which is a little more delicate.

In addition Henry comes complete with an adapter which can be used to attach any of the cleaning tools to the end of the hose. This is ideal for when cleaning in a confined space such as a car.

Henry also comes with two extension tubes and a carpet and floor nozzle. The carpet and floor nozzle is one of the main changes with this new version of Henry. It’s completely different to earlier versions of Henry and does feel like an improvement, allowing for an all-round better clean. Unlike the old Henry it doesn’t have the metal base plate. It’s a plastic base plate with litter pickers either side of the suction inlet which help deal with more clinging litter such as pet hairs. There is also a foot operated switch that lowers the brush all the way around for cleaning hard floors.

Inside Henry’s box you will also find spare bags. Henry continues to use bags but the dust bag in the newer Henry is an extra large 9 litre capacity, meaning you need to change bags less frequently. When you do need to replace bags, they can be picked up nice and cheaply.


FAQs about Henry Hoover

Here we pick-out some of the most frequently asked questions from Henry Hoover customers:

Can the Henry Hoover be used without a bag?

Numatic advise not to use the Henry Hoover without bags. Over time if you do use the Henry without bags, you risk damaging the motor which could lead to reduced performance. Replacement bags can be purchased cheaply and the bags that come with the newest Henry take a long time to fill.

Does the Henry Hoover come with bags?

Yes Henry comes with a fitted bag ready to be used and also comes with spare bags.

How long is the Henry Hoover cable length?

The cable length is 10 metres.

Is the cord rewind manually operated on the Henry Hoover?

Yes the cord rewind is manual on the Henry Hoover.

Is the Henry easy to use on stairs?

The vacuum works perfectly well on stairs but it has to be said that the width of Henry’s frame means it doesn’t sit fantastically well on stairs. However, the adapters and nozzles that come with Henry give you flexibility to reach surfaces some distance from Henry’s frame.

How long is the guarantee with Henry?

The guarantee is held with Numatic and is valid for 2 years from the purchase date.

Does the Henry Hoover make a lot of noise?

Compared to standard vacuum cleaners, the Henry Hoover is not noisy. The reduced wattage means the motor exerts less power, making for an all round quieter hoover.

How heavy is a Henry Hoover?

Henry weighs in at 8kg which we would not consider heavy. It glides across surfaces nicely and the carry handle makes it easy to pick up. With a 10m cable also part of the new Henry, you can reach a good distance when cleaning, meaning constantly moving Henry is not a requirement.

Is the Henry Hoover good for pet hair?

Yes, improvements to Henry’s design and cleaning tools such as the soft dusting brush make it a good hoover for picking up pet hairs.

Can you use Henry on wooden floors?

Absolutely. Henry works really well on both carpets and wood flooring. Older Henry models come with two settings and the lower suction setting is ideal for harder surfaces. With the newer Henry there is just one setting and it works perfectly well.

Is the Henry Hoover good for cleaning cars?

Yes the Henry is great for cleaning cars. With a range of different tools for the job, Henry can be used to clean the dirt near the pedals, as well as picking up pet hair if your animals sometimes travel with you. With a long hose and 10m cable cleaning a car is not a problem.

Can I get Henry in different colours?

Henry Hoover GreenYes. While the traditional Henry comes in red, you can get Henry in a variety of colours. If you want your Henry to be a different colour than his traditional red, here are some good options:

What is the difference between Henry Hoover and Hetty Hoover?

Apart from the name and difference in colour, there is no difference. Both Henry and Hetty are the same size and have the same vacuum capability.

Does the Henry Hoover come with a Hi-Lo switch for controlling suction?

This depends on which version of Henry you have. As an example, the HVR200-12 model comes with a two speed mode for controlling suction, but the HVR200-11 model has one speed.

This video shows how the Henry Hoover machinery works:

Henry Hoover verdict

This super hoover remains a real bargain and comes highly recommended. The efficiency changes made by Numatic mean they’ve somehow made Henry even better, despite cutting its power by more than half. There’s a reason that the Henry Hoover continues to be one of the most popular vacuum cleaners going, and it comes at great value when compared to other hoovers on the market.

If you’d like to know more about Henry’s family, you can check out our post on the Henry Hoover range.


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