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Harry Hoover has been the long-standing pet vacuum from the Henry Hoover range, but he’s recently got some competition as manufacturer Numatic International now has the Henry Pet Hoover, otherwise known as the Henry Hoover Pet.

So whilst Harry was always the best Henry pet vacuum, he’s now not the only option if you’re in the market for a pet hoover from the Henry Hoover range.

In this Harry Hoover review we’ll go into detail on why Harry remains an excellent option for those in the market for a pet vacuum, but also describe the difference between Harry the Hoover and Henry Pet. 


  • HairoBrush is great at picking up pet hair
  • Enhanced filter helps remove smelly odours from the home
  • Large 9 litre capacity
  • Suitable for both carpets and hard floors


  • Fairly heavy
  • Not the best vacuum for cleaning stairs

Harry Hoover – Specifications

ColourGreen / Black
Weight9 Kg
Capacity9 litres
Power620 watts
Energy Efficiency ClassA

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Harry Hoover: Pet Vacuum

Dogs and cats. So many of us have them in our homes and we love them to bits, but they do shed a lot of hair and can leave some bad smells hanging around the place. So for people with pets in their homes, having a reliable pet vacuum is somewhat of a priority.Harry Hoover

Enter Harry the Hoover, who has been specifically designed to tackle stubborn pet hair, making him a suitable vacuum from the Henry Hoover range for pet lovers.

If you don’t have pets you may want to check out our Henry Hoover review instead.

Harry is now a long-standing member of the Henry family. He was introduced after the carbon filter was removed from the Henry Xtra, meaning Numatic no longer had a vacuum in their range suitable for pet lovers.

Whilst Harry has many similarities to Henry in terms of his general performance and bag capacity, he comes with two extra features which means he is the vacuum of choice when it comes to pet hair.

Harry’s unique HairoBrush has been specifically designed to pick up pet hair, and is a dual purpose brush that can be used seamlessly on both floor and on upholstery. The HairoBrush extension itself is fairly narrow, which means that although it is effective at picking up pet hair, it will take a while to clean a large room when compared to using a standard carpet floor nozzle.

In addition to the HairoBrush, what makes Harry even more desirable for pet lovers is his MicroFresh activated charcoal filter, which really helps to eradicate odours that pets tend to leave.

By combining both the HairoBrush and the charcoal filter, you’ve got a vacuum that is great at picking up pet hair and also removes those smells you’d rather not have hanging around your home.

Henry Pet vs Harry

With Henry Pet Hoover joining Harry Hoover as a specialist pet vacuum from the Henry range, a
common question people ask is which is the best henry hoover for pet hair and what’s the difference between Henry Pet and Harry? Other than the name, Harry Hoover and Henry Pet have no difference, they are the exact same machine and come with the same attachments, so you’ll see no difference in terms of performance or reliability. They are both very capable pet vacuums and are the best pet vacuums in the Henry range, but one is not better than the other. Therefore, whilst this is a Harry Hoover review it also stands as a Henry Pet review, because as above you won’t find a difference outside of the name.

One thing to be aware of, of the two, Henry Pet is often in stock and available to purchase from major retailers, whereas it’s not as easy to buy a Harry Hoover these days. Despite being an early member of the Henry range, it seems that Harry is not being made as much as before and therefore the Henry Pet is your best option if you’re looking for a pet vacuum from the Henry range.


Difference between Henry Pet and Henry Pet Pro

He’s not as well known, but there’s also a Henry Pet Pro. But if you were to look at Henry Pet Pro vs Henry Pet, there’s only one notable difference. Henry Pet comes with one adaptable, dual purpose HairoBrush, whereas Henry Pet Pro comes with two. With the Henry Pet Pro you get a HairoBrush270 for cleaning carpets and large areas, as well as the HairoBrush140 which is ideal for stairs, smaller areas and upholstery. Henry Pet only has the one HairoBrush, but it’s not really a downgrade or negative as the brush is great at cleaning both carpet and upholstery.

Harry Hoover appearance, design and performance

Harry Hoover and Henry Pet are green in colour and like all vacuums within the Numatic range, they have a smile on their faces and a cheerful exterior. As they are pet vacuums, they come complete with a paw print on the head, as well as next to the name.

Harry has a built-in carry handle on his top and his cord is stored inside, complete with a Numatic cord rewind. The cord is long at 10 meters, so you can clean a large area of your home without having to find another socket outlet, which is a big plus point for this vacuum. Once finished you simply wind the cable up manually.Harry Hose

On the back of Harry is a parking slot which enables you to store the main carpet and floor nozzle on the machine itself. In addition, Harry comes with a little clip which you can put most of the accessories on, such as the dusting brush. This is another useful component of Harry as it allows you to immediately access some of his useful accessories from the machine itself.

Harry and Henry Pet have the same 620w motor as Henry, which gives them a strong suction power and means they are great at picking up dirt and debris. They are great on both carpets and hard floors, and not bad at cleaning upholstery too.

One difference Harry has when compared to Henry is his weight. Harry is actually slightly heavier than Henry, so would probably not be suitable for elderly people or those who struggle carrying heavy items on stairs. In fact generally, Harry is not the easiest vacuum to use on the stairs due to his weight and slightly awkward shape.

On top of the HairoBrush and charcoal filter, Harry has a number of accessories that help to clean all types of surfaces. Apart from cleaning carpets, floors and stairs you can also use Harry all around your home for all your above floor cleaning. The dusting brush can be used on your lampshades, Venetian blinds and other hard to reach places such as the top of your curtain rails. The small nozzle accessory is ideal for cleaning your upholstery, and when cleaning the car or car mats, the slide on brush is your perfect companion. Harry’s crevice tool is another handy add-on, helpling to to reach down the sides of chairs or in the corner of rooms, to remove pesky cobwebs and clean those awkward nooks and crannies.

Harry Hoover bags and filter

Harry Hoover is bagged vacuum and has a large nine litre capacity, so he’s not a vacuum that will need to be emptied regularly. The nine litre HepaFlo dust bags that Harry uses are very large and extremely strong. They even have a little cover so you can close the opening to the bag when taking it out to dispose of it, so none of the dust can fly out like it can with a bagless vacuum. It’s nice and easy to replace a dust bag and as above you won’t need to replace them very regularly. You should get four dust bags when you purchase Harry and it’s estimated they will last three months each, so it should be around a year before you need to purchase more bags. When it comes to that stage, you can pick up replacement HepaFlo bags cheaply from major retailers.

One of the major differences between Harry and Henry is that Harry uses a better class of filter. Harry has a micro fresh activated charcoal filter and it is designed to remove any odours that can come out of a dust-bag when you’re using the cleaner. Especially if you’re picking up pet hairs, they can tend to smell after a while so the activated charcoal in this filter prevents that from happening.

Harry Hoover attachments

The standard tool kit supplied with Harry Hoover includes:

  • 2.4 meter length conical hose
  • Chrome handle
  • Two Chrome extension wands
  • Standard carpet and floor nozzle
  • HairoBrush turbo nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Upholstery nozzle with detachable brush
  • Adapter piece to attach small tools directly to the end of the hose
Harry Accessories

Harry Hoover pros

  • HairoBrush is great at picking up pet hair
  • Enhanced filter helps remove smelly odours from the home
  • Large 9 litre capacity
  • Suitable for both carpets and hard floors

Harry Hoover cons

  • Fairly heavy
  • Not the best vacuum for cleaning stairs

Harry Hoover verdict

If you don’t have pet mess to clean up, then it’s highly likely there are better vacuums out there than both Harry Hoover and Henry Pet that will suit your needs. However, if you’re looking for a reliable pet vacuum that is great at picking up stubborn pet hair and removing nasty odours, both Harry Hoover and Henry Pet are great options.

Harry and Henry Pet’s dual purpose HairoBrush is fantastic at picking up pet hair, and the enhanced charcoal filter really helps to remove nasty pet smells from your home. 

Henry Pet and Harry are certainly the most suitable vacuums for pet owners from the Numatic range, and are only slightly more expensive than the likes of Henry and Hetty. They are both relatively cheap compared to some other pet vacuums, so you could do a lot worse if you need a new pet vacuum.

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