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Dyson v6 Cordless Vacuum review

If you’re after a lightweight cordless hoover that is great on stairs as well as carpets and hard surfaces, then the Dyson v6 Cordless Vacuum may well be for you. There are actually five versions of the Dyson v6, and whilst this Dyson v6 review concentrates on the standard v6 Cordless Vacuum, we also take a look at the v6 Animal, v6 Clean, v6 Absolute and v6 Fluffy.

Dyson v6

Dyson v6 – key details

Energy Efficiency ClassA

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Two cleaning modes

The Dyson v6 uses a different filter system to its predecessor the DC35, and the filter itself is now located on top of the machine. There are two cleaning modes with the Dyson v6, ‘Regular’ and ‘Max’, which is great when the vacuum is struggling in its standard mode.

When fully charged you have 20 minutes run time with the Regular setting, which should be enough to clean an average sized home. This setting can be used on both carpets and hard floors, and should be sufficient for picking up the majority of dirt and debris.

The ‘Max’ setting is great for vacuuming any dirt that the Regular mode fails to clean up, with its 100 airwatts power meaning it’s nearly four times the suction of the standard setting. This mode can also be used on both soft and hard floors. However, with just a six minute run time when fully charged, it has to be said that you won’t be able to use this setting for long without needing to recharge it.

Dyson v6 Handle


Although the out-of-the-box Dyson v6 comes with a little bit of charge, it’s recommended to charge it for around three and a half hours before its first use. You can either charge it using the supplied wall bracket – which when attached to the wall will store and charge your Dyson at the same time – or charge it directly from your mains power thanks to a port at the back of the vacuum.

When charging the hoover the light at the bottom of the handle will illuminate blue, and once the blue colour goes out you should be fully charged. If the light turns amber while you are attempting to charge, it means that the vacuum is not charging and there is an issue with the battery. Usually this will be because the machine needs to either cool down or be moved into a warmer place before attempting to charge again. If the light flashes red it’s likely a more serious problem and your best bet is probably to contact Dyson.

Cleaning tools

There are two cleaning tools that come with the Dyson v6. There is a rigid crevice tool as well as a 2-in-1 combination tool. The combination tool can be used for dusting thanks to a brush that can be popped out, or you can retract the brush and use the small nozzle to clean your upholstery and your curtains.

Motorised cleaning head and aluminium extension

The large motorised cleaning head has two sets of brushes. It has very soft, carbon fibre brushes which are designed to pick up the finest of dust from hard floors, as well as harder nylon brushes which are perfect for your carpets. So if you have both hard and soft flooring it is not a problem for the Dyson v6. In addition, there is a lightweight aluminium extension tube that enables you to reach areas up high, as well as cleaning your floors without stooping or bending. The cleaning tools and motorised head can be attached to the extension tube giving you great flexibility when cleaning all areas of your home or workplace.

Dyson v6

Stair cleaning made easier

A definite positive of the Dyson v6 is its ease of use for stair cleaning. The design of the machine means you can attach the motorised tool directly to the handheld unit, giving you a very powerful cordless machine to clean your stairs with. The motorised head seems built for stairs as it’s about the same width as a standard stair tread, making it ideal for cleaning stair cases. And you can also attach the crevice tool instead of the motorised head if dirt is still left in the corners. Finally the combination tool used with the brush means you have the perfect tool to clean the sides of your stairs.

Using the handheld unit and attaching either one of the cleaning tools or the motorised head means the Dyson v6 is also great for cleaning areas that some other hoovers might struggle with, such as underneath furniture or difficult to reach places in your car.

Emptying the bin

When your Dyson v6 is full or going close to the ‘Max’ fill line, it’s pretty easy to empty. You can easily open the bin lid and empty the waste into your own bin at home. However, it can be difficult to remove all the dust and debris using this method. Instead, it’s best to detach the bin itself from the vacuum, so that you can ensure all dirt is removed.

Ensuring the Dyson v6 runs at maximum efficiency

As well as regularly emptying your Dyson so that it doesn’t become clogged up, Dyson also recommend that you clean the filter once a month. The filter can be run under cold water and should then be left to dry for around 24 hours, before being used again.

You’ll also need to maintain your motorised cleaning head from time-to-time to ensure it continues to operate efficiently. To clean the motorised head you first need to use a coin to open the end cap, so that you can remove the brush roll itself. Then you can either remove the hairs on the brush roll with your hands, a pair of scissors or by using another vacuum. Once cleaned, you just need to reassemble the motorised head by inserting the brush roll – with the spindle end facing outwards – into the cleaning head, and finally use a coin again to fix the end cap back in place.

What comes in the Dyson v6 Cordless Vacuum box?

  • Operating manual
  • Extension tube
  • 2 in 1 tool for upholstery and dusting
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Wall mountable docking station
  • Charger – can either be plugged into the docking station or directly into the Dyson itself
  • Large motorised head
  • Vacuum itself

Dyson v6 Animal

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, the Dyson v6 Animal has been specifically designed to pick up pet hair. It has the same motorhead attachment as the standard Dyson v6, but also has an additional mini motorhead that does a great job with even the most stubborn of pet hair. If you’re thinking of purchasing a Dyson v6 and have pets at home, you’re better of getting the v6 Animal over the standard model.

Dyson v6 Fluffy

The Dyson v6 Fluffy was invented specifically to clean dirt and dust on hard floors. Just like the v6 Animal, the Fluffy comes with the same fittings as the v6 Standard, but also comes with a soft brush attachment which has been specifically designed for bare / hardwood floors. If you have hard floors at home, this may be a better alternative than the standard Dyson v6.

Dyson v6 Clean

If you’re after a more powerful vacuum than the v6 Standard, than the Dyson v6 Clean might fit the bill. This hoover has a more powerful 35W direct-drive cleaner head, which replaces the standard 20W motorhead. That means the v6 Clean has 75% more brush bar power than the v6 Standard.

Dyson v6 Absolute

If you’re after a really powerful hoover that can also tackle pet hair as well as hard floors, then you’ll be hard pressed to find better than the the Dyson v6 Absolute. Boasting twice the suction of any other cordless vacuum, this super Dyson vacuum has a more powerful direct-drive cleaner head than the v6 Clean, and offers 150% more brush power than the v6 Animal. It also comes with a simple attachment with silicon wipes for hardwood floors instead of the soft brush attachment.

FAQs about the Dyson v6

Here we pick-out some of the most frequently asked questions from Dyson v6 customers:

Does the Dyson v6 have a HEPA filter?

The Dyson v6 Standard does not have a HEPA filter. However, the v6 Absolute and v6 Clean both do have a HEPA filter.

Can you run the Dyson v6 with a cord once it is out of charge?

The Dyson v6 is a cordless vacuum so cannot be run with a cord.

Does the Dyson v6 come with a crevice tool?

Yes the Dyson v6 does come with a crevice tool so there is no need to purchase one.

How long does the Dyson v6 take to charge?

The Dyson v6 lithium iron battery takes around 3 hours to be fully charged.

What is the difference between the Dyson v6 and the Dyson v6 Animal?

The v6 Animal is better at picking up pet hairs thanks to an additional mini motorhead. Other than that, there is no difference.

What warranty comes with the Dyson v6?

Dyson provided a two year full warranty for the Dyson v6.

Does the Dyson v6 come with hard to reach attachment tools?

Yes, the Dyson v6 is very versatile and comes with a range of attachment tools. You can use it handheld when reaching hard to reach surfaces.

Can you use the Dyson v6 on hard wood floors?

You certainly can use the Dyson v6 on hard wood floors, although the Dyson v6 Fluffy has been designed specifically to clean hard surfaces.

Does the Dyson v6 come with the docking station?

Yes the Dyson v6 comes with a docking station for charging.

Dyson v6 – verdict

If you’re looking to purchase a cordless vacuum, the v6 from Dyson comes highly recommended. This lightweight hoover is very good on general dirt, from both carpets and hard floors. Being cordless it offers great flexibility when cleaning areas that are often considered difficult, such as stairs and the backseats of cars.

Whilst the standard runtime of 20 minutes is adequate, the main negative of this hoover is the runtime on ‘Max’ mode. However, you shouldn’t need to use ‘Max’ mode very often due to the power of the vacuum, so this may not be a common problem.

With five versions of the Dyson v6, there’s also plenty of choice. The v6 Standard will do most jobs very well, but if you’re a pet owner then the v6 Animal would be a better hoover of choice. The v6 Fluffy is more suited to houses with hard floors, whereas the v6 Clean has a more powerful vacuum if that is what you’re after. Finally, the v6 Absolute is almost a combination of the Standard, Animal, Fluffy and Clean, being built purposely to offer an ultra-powerful suction, and suited to clean well all surfaces as well as pick up even the most stubborn of pet hair.

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